Tri-Lox provides sustainable design solutions that scale.

We offer extraordinary woods and holistic design services that make sustainability a smart choice, for any project.

Tri-Lox was founded in 2009 by three longtime friends who believe thoughtful design combined with environmental integrity have the greatest capacity for impact. Our Brooklyn facility incorporates a design studio, custom fabrication shop and wood mill. The workspace reflects our process-driven approach and integrated services from inspiration through installation.

Project Development

We specialize in translating creative concepts into form. Working in close partnership with our clients allows us to realize their ideas while anticipating their needs. We assess a project’s unique parameters to develop a strategy for actualization grounded in design and fabrication know-how.

Sustainable Wood Products

Our reach within the industry allows us to maintain our rigorous sustainability standards. We trace the journey of our woods from source to finished product to offer a catalog of authentic materials, each with its own story. Materials are hand-selected for each project with consideration of provenance, species, and finish.


As craftspeople, we are driven to solve problems using innovative design. From modeling and prototyping, to shop drawings and engineering, we handle complex challenges at every stage of the process.


Members of our multi-faceted team share a reverence for craftsmanship and execute with precision. Our deep engagement with the fabrication process improves control over outcome and yields results that are both considered and comprehensive.

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Environmental responsibility is at the core of our mission. Our sustainability standards and practices satisfy and extend beyond certification.