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Trees keep our water clean. They not only collect and filter rainwater, releasing clean water into the soil before making its way into rivers, lakes, and water supplies but they also help prevent soil erosion, limiting the amount of sediment and contaminants deposited in our water sources. Our forests’ natural filtration system is essential to the Northeast’s watersheds and wildlife. This collection of woods is sourced in collaboration with land stewards who manage forests with a particular focus on watershed health, biodiversity, and habitat. The selection reflects the versatile species found in our region, as eclectic in utility as they are aesthetically.


A collection of both reclaimed and fresh-cut woods that capture the essence of a hard-worn industrial past and enduring future. America’s rapid growth during the 19th century was made possible by the massive timbers that built the country’s many factories and industrial buildings. This collection is crafted for any application with finishes that celebrate the inherent beauty of these old-growth and contemporary woods.