Redwood — Natural

Skyline Collection

Removing the patina from water tower staves gives vintage Redwood a fresh-cut look. Our Natural finish shows off the fine, straight grain of this old-growth wood with tones ranging from salmon to deep red. Dark streaking is left at the original waterline. California Redwood of this age and caliber is only available through reclamation.

Our Products in Use

The sculptural wall in the lobby of 40 Exchange mimics the fast-paced ticker tape of the New York Stock Exchange, a nod to the building’s location in the heart of the Financial District. Additionally, because the Redwood is sourced from local water towers, the material itself is yet another ode to New York City.

Refacing our antique water tower Redwood reveals the namesake russet coloration that lends a homey warmth to several Shake Shack interiors.

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