Locally sourced and made to support forests, people, and the planet.

Wood is natural, renewable, and solar-powered.

As it grows, it captures carbon while providing clean air, clean water, habitat for wildlife, and cultivating biodiverse ecosystems. As a building product, it’s strong, versatile, honest, and true – a means of connecting people with nature and bringing authenticity to a project.


Tri-Lox is building a circular wood system through research, design, and craft.

Our Brooklyn-based practice combines research and design, manufacturing, and custom fabrication into a comprehensive process from sourcing to the final product. Through this unique model that complements the architectural process, Tri-Lox aligns the natural and built environment for a more sustainable future.

Research & Innovation

Through our field research, we determine the most climate-positive practices – from sourcing material in ways that support reuse and regenerative forestry to building a resilient local wood supply chain that expands beyond the standard market. As the research branch of Tri-Lox, Fieldworks partners with leading institutions to develop new systems and practices that expand our capabilities and our environmental and social impact.

Design & Product Development

We view design as a collaborative process with our clients as well as our surrounding environment. With a reverence for wood, trees, and forests, we use this essential material — sourced from historic structures and local forests — to design products for a variety of assemblies, applications, and aesthetics.


We transform research and design concepts into reality through craft – creating natural feature elements for a range of applications and environments. Our deep understanding of the design and fabrication process yields cohesive, innovative results on a project level. We’re not simply supplying a product; we’re a collaborator and resource for materials that tell a story and bring sustainability to every project.

Specifying for Forest Conservation

A culmination of our research with Yale School of the Environment, this presentation is centered on health and sustainability, exploring the opportunity for designers to have positive environmental, ecological, and economic impact by engaging best practices for forestry and local wood manufacturing. Contact us to set up a digital presentation for your company.

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Environmental responsibility is at the core of our mission. We are proud to offer products that are Forest Stewardship Council® 012533EM and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® US009702-1 certified.