Atelerie is Bermuda’s leading independent fashion importer and retailer of curated luxury brands and products. Founder Heather Macdonald came to Tri-Lox with a challenge: create a space that captures the Atelerie vision, brings a fresh design sensibility to Bermuda, and exhibits luxury with sustainable materials. With that, we sought to create a unified aesthetic that expresses a complete lifestyle image while maintaining distinct spaces and fixtures for each product category.

Project Development

Island Essence

The British island territory of Bermuda is nearly the size of Manhattan and only a 90-minute flight from NYC. To inspire a space that reflects the unique setting yet stands apart, we set out by land and sea to explore the many islands surrounded by reef, turquoise waters and rose-sand beaches.

Atelerie’s design was inspired by the local palette of white Bermuda stone, island sunsets, and the vernacular architecture.

Tri-Lox asked KTISMAstudio to lead the architectural design process. Throughout development, this project team fluidly connected comprehensive design and precise detailing. Atelerie is the result of a unique collaborative process equal parts design, craft, and brand vision.

Fabrication & Implementation


The new Atelerie is over 2,400 sq ft across two levels with a feature floating wood staircase and a comfortable residential feel that carries through each room.

Like the products Atelerie carries, materials used throughout the new space were carefully selected and sustainably sourced from salvaged trees in New York City; their muted tones carry in the pastel architecture of Hamilton and the island’s lush greenery.

Tri-Lox Products

Signature Treatment

Figured Maple – Stone White
Tri-Lox’s signature style of unique materiality and finish is featured prominently, including the distinctive Figured Maple with Stone White finish, which was sourced from salvaged trees and shaped into slab surfaces. The artistry of the finish recalls marble, while providing the warmth and versatility of wood.

Antique White Oak – Neutral
Select Oak features are present throughout Atelerie, bringing warmth to the space through big gestures while maintaining crisp lines. Perfect for stairs and cabinetry alike, this Oak in the nearly imperceptible Neutral finish provides strength and character with purity.

Final Project

Grounded lightness

A complete lifestyle image is expressed through a unified aesthetic, while maintaining distinct spaces for each product category including curated high-end apparel and jewelry, wellness and beauty in the apothecary, a home goods collection, wine and pantry, as well as paper and party goods. Each with their own program, the rooms within the boutique are tied together by our custom cabinetry, display fixtures, and focal furniture for a memorable shopping experience.

The design brings in the exterior surrounds with distinctive moves including pebble gardens for display and seating, which then fan out to wide spaces for browsing.

Interior lighting and generous windows convey natural light and wash the space, mimicking Bermuda’s glowing sun and highlighting the relationship between interior and exterior.

Subtle details and profiles are repeated throughout the space and complementary materials emerge from unexpected places.

“Since we’ve re-opened in this amazing new space the response has been immediate and our sales have increased dramatically.”
-Atelerie Founder Heather Macdonald


Hamilton, Bermuda


Spring 2019




KTISMAstudio / Araujo Construction


Arion Doerr

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