Sons of Thunder

This family-owned restaurant led the poké trend by bringing surf shack-inspired favorites from the beach to the center of New York City. Tri-Lox custom-designed casual and highly functional furniture for Sons of Thunder’s modern dining room, simple and pure as the West Coast cuisine they serve.

Project Development

House Specialties

Tri-Lox took inspiration from the menu’s select ingredients and the sunlit space. The airy and open interior was achieved by stratifying contrasting materials—heavy on bottom and light on top.

Design + Fabrication

Dining by Design

After working with the client to determine their needs, we designed and built a suite of responsive banquettes and benches. Communal tables and modular configurations maximize seating without sacrificing flexibility.

Details like wall-mounted, floating seatbacks around the perimeter contribute to the comfortable, casual vibe.

Tri-Lox Products


Design elements were crafted from Black Cherry wood responsibly sourced from a single sheep farm in rural Pennsylvania. Our simplified materials palette complements the minimalist space, spotlighting the unique beauty of this rare, single-origin material. Natural daylight and a lush custom finish flatter the wood’s organically figured grain and range of warm tones.

Final Project


The end result is a functional, fully designed interior where natural materials and fresh ingredients converge, for a relaxed dining experience elevated by design.


New York, NY


Fall 2015


Sons of Thunder


Carol Chang


Arion Doerr

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