The Howard Gilman Foundation

Tri-Lox worked with architects at WXY to bring a workplace to life for a forward-thinking arts organization. The Howard Gilman Foundation supports some of the most innovative performing arts companies in New York City. While the organization’s mission is in the arts, sustainability remains a principal focus when it comes to the company’s history, and it was a driving force in the renovation of their new office overlooking Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan.

Project Development

Design & Execution

Conceived from biophilic principles, WXY’s design uses wood to unify communal areas and individual offices throughout the space. These complementary features include flooring, millwork, and custom furniture elements.

In order to implement WXY’s vision of this interconnected environment, Tri-Lox maintained a uniform, cohesive look through the careful work of matching veneer with solid wood. The custom furniture elements were made using a combination of hand and digital fabrication techniques to achieve complex forms, soft curves, and precise detailing. Tri-Lox also collaborated with a local glass partition specialist to customize large glazed wood dividing walls between rooms that delineate individual spaces while maintaining a feeling of openness and connectivity throughout the office.

Tri-Lox Products

Two Generations of Oak

The two types of Oak used throughout the office tell a story of both wood reuse and forest regeneration. Together, they create a cohesive look that combines natural beauty, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

Floor and furniture elements are reclaimed Heritage Oak: a versatile wood originating from trees that predate the Revolutionary War. This old-growth timber is locally salvaged from agricultural structures. These original hand-hewn beams were crafted into elements that showcase a natural warmth and bold grain — qualities that make for comfortable, dynamic, and healthy spaces.

The wood used for casework and partitions throughout the space is from a younger generation of Oak sourced from our local forests. Foresters marked these trees for harvest to cultivate resilience, regeneration, and biodiversity. These two generations weave a cohesive narrative throughout the interior.

Final Project

A Fresh Kind of Workspace

The final result is a warm, open space composed of shared and private areas — a format that allows for various work and communication styles, thereby offering an innovative vision of what a healthy New York City office can be.


New York, NY


Winter 2019


The Howard Gilman Foundation




Arion Doerr

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