Assembly of Youth:
United Nations

This installation in the Le Corbusier/Niemeyer-designed UN General Assembly Building paired design with technology to let children share the concerns, hopes, and fears of marginalized communities worldwide. Tri-Lox engineered and constructed figural totems with embedded LED screens that communicated the children’s messages to the world.

Project Development

Design on the World Stage

Inspired by the project’s humanitarian potential and the architecturally significant setting, Tri-Lox used design to inspire compassion and improve lives.

As fabrication and design specialists, we liaised with UK-based collaborators United Visual Artists and Google Creative Lab to translate the concept into an actionable scope of work. From there, we developed a compelling design that would capture the attention of global leaders.

This project required extensive audio and visual technology to achieve its intended effect. Working together with the technical team, we devised a solution that integrated these components into the design. 

Design + Fabrication

The Medium for the Message

Tri-Lox engineered 44 abstracted figures composed of modular wooden elements, each CNC-cut and assembled by hand for a high level of finish.

Modules were designed to conceal cables and gear, and to accommodate functional requisites like rear access panels and ventilation.

Final Project

Giving Voice to the Most Vulnerable

"The voices of young people helped forge the new 2030 agenda."
-United Nations Secretary - General Ban Ki-moon

Assembly of Youth provided the platform for a diverse chorus of voices to speak directly to the individuals with the power to create change.

This installation captured the input of over one million children, and was visited by nearly 200 global dignitaries as they met to discuss Sustainable Development Goals.


New York, NY


Fall 2015



Commissioned By

Google Creative Lab


United Visual Artists/Another Space


Arion Doerr

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