Featured Application: Stairs

Design & Develop

Stairs are a more custom design element than most features, requiring attention to detail and technical knowledge from initial drawings through installation. Tri-Lox brings expertise not only in crafting stairs, but also coordinating the staircase with other wood applications and design elements throughout a project. Our support extends through installation management and we’re always a resource for long-term care of the finished product. The result is both a premium product and an aesthetically cohesive space.

Work in progress: Drawings of a spiral staircase for a residential project.

From a preliminary drawing to completion: At Atelerie, a two-floor boutique in Bermuda, the staircase is a centerpiece, crafted from our Antique White Oak that was reclaimed from agricultural structures in the Northeast. Custom cabinetry and wall cladding uses the same material, creating a sense of polished warmth and consistency throughout the light, airy space.

Our Materials

The wood we work with is all sourced locally, carefully selected from sustainably managed regional forests or deconstruction projects. While we have a catalog of standard finishes that we’ve developed, we also understand projects often require an extensive sampling phase to find the right wood and finish. Through our deep knowledge of both the material and the finishing process, we collaborate with you to find the best possible options for your project while still considering budget and, of course, never compromising on sustainability.

Reclaimed Heart Pine steps in a Neutral finish for a New York tech office (designed by SITU Studio). This wood was sourced from old industrial factory beams and reprocessed to make its way back into a 21st century work setting.

White Oak staircase and railing in a Natural finish for the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG). Our supply of White Oak comes from old, timber-framed agricultural structures, as well as sustainably managed working forest where removals support forest health and biodiversity.

Craftsmanship & Digital Fabrication

Our process, from workshop to worksite, includes hand and digital fabrication for detail-oriented and precision craft that can be done at scale. This dynamic approach offers both customization and consistency.

Oak stairs and a custom railing in process at our Brooklyn workshop. These components will receive a Natural finish before being assembled at the worksite.

A spiral staircase installed for a new house in the Hamptons. The quality assessment process that begins at the workshop continues with installation management to assure that all components are in place for the final product.

Coordinating Applications

We realize that architectural projects involve a wide variety of materials at various steps of the process and wood finishes are one aspect of many. Coordinating those materials can prove more challenging as the project evolves. Part of the expertise we bring onto a project includes matching wood features, particularly floors and stairs, and, more broadly, matching the aesthetics of the space.

Tri-Lox worked on the stairs and floors for a Brooklyn Heights townhouse renovation designed by ROART. Using two different, but complementary finishes, the light, neutral finish of the floors accentuates the airy, spacious feel of the high ceilings, while the slightly warmer finish on the stairs contrasts the white modern banister.

The project for this New York Tech office, designed by SITU Studio, achieves cohesion across a series of wood applications: Heart Pine stairs and shelving, Maple flooring, American Chestnut flooring, and Heritage Oak table tops.

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