Vice Headquarters

Vice Media’s headquarters in Brooklyn includes a 20,000 sf rooftop garden overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Tri-Lox supplied custom-milled reclaimed wood for the landscape elements that transformed this roof into a verdant space to work and relax.

Project Development

Your Vision, Our Mission

Tri-Lox helped the landscape design team at Brooklyn Grange select the appropriate building material from our catalog of sustainable wood products. We chose a material native to rooftops in this urban environment: the Alaskan Cedar used to build the city’s iconic water towers.

We then worked collaboratively with the fabrication team to assess project timelines and specification requirements for the solar pavilions, planters, latticework, and retaining walls, all made from our standardized reclaimed Cedar.

Tri-Lox Products


Cedar — Patina
Vice wanted to showcase the inimitable patina of water tower Cedar, its silvery sheen and cool gray tones punctuated by dark marks where steel bands once bound the staves together.

Cedar — Natural
Its natural weather-resistance makes this species ideal for outdoor applications. Over time, our refaced Cedar will again develop its unique silver patina.

Final Project

A Natural Harmony

This garden carries the building’s campaign of adaptive reuse through to the rooftop. Vice Media harnessed the green potential of its roof by activating the space as an urban farm and a thoughtful workplace perk for its employees.

Each element embodies the authentic beauty and scalable functionality of our reclaimed materials—all sourced and custom-milled locally for this project.


Brooklyn, NY


Summer 2015


Vice Media

Commissioned By

Brooklyn Grange


Arion Doerr

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